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Hail, fellow travellers, and well met. My LJ is mostly for fic, recs, icons, vids and fannish nonsense - fic/vids/icons etc. remain open, but the rest has got largely flocked these days (people were scraping entries via tags, unfortunately). I'm terribly obscure and multi-fannish, but generally happy to make new friends. I crosspost from Dreamwidth, too, but tend to read my flist via LJ.

My fic:
lost_spook on AO3
vvj5 at A Teaspoon and An Open Mind (the Doctor Who archive)

My vids:
lostspook1 at YouTube

Past prompt tables etc: Fourth Doctor Era - 6 Prompts (for dw_allsorts) | Hurt/Comfort Bingo Card | Trope Bingo card | 100 Element Prompts | 50 Ficlets | Shakespeare Plays Watched.

Also the 500 Prompts Meme. runaway_tales: Masterpost here.

Notes on permission:

Any remixes etc. based on fanworks of mine are fine - go ahead, and do let me know; I'd be thrilled. And, obviously, credit is nice. No posts made here to be reproduced elsewhere, thanks. If you wish to link to any open posts, of course, please do so!

Vid: Enemy at the Door Trailer

The commentfest continues! And talking of obscure and British things...

As threatened, a 'trailer' of sorts for ITV's 1978-80 WWII drama, Enemy at the Door. I made this as an experiment, because I thought I'd solved my issues with sound-editing on my vidding software. Guess what? I haven't, so this is not entirely a success - there are some sound issues, especially at the start, and it was getting worse with every edit. You may take it as read that I'm not doing anything else like this in a hurry. Still, that's what experiments are for, yes?

However, that said, it is still better than anything Network or Acorn have bothered to do for it and maybe it will explain something of why I like it so much. Or just bore everybody, I'm not sure at this point. Inevitably, there are some spoilers (especially for 1.13), but hopefully not too bad out of context (& not beyond 2.1 because Network wouldn't let me rip 2.2-2.13).

Enemy at the Door TrailerCollapse )

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\o/ And I already need to start this post...

Masterlist of fills for the Obscure & British Commentfest:

The Avengers (UK TV)
Tara King--Heels (G) by timelessapeel
Avengers/DW Mrs Peel rescues the Doctor, All ages by liadtbunny
Emma Peel/John Steed, abandoned town, general audiences (1593 words) by liadtbunny

Blake's 7
A Flock of Golden Daffodils Blake's7, How Green Was My Valley Kerr Avon (PG) by executrix
Eight Billion Nine Hundred Thousand (G) by executrix

The Champions
Craig Stirling, Sharron Macready, Richard Barrett, Tremayne--Found Out (PG) by timelessapeel

Department S
Jason King, Stewart Sullivan, Annabelle Hurst--Zombies Attack? (PG) by timelessapeel

Doctor Who
Jamie/Sam or Jamie/Victoria, clothes stolen while swimming by [personal profile] john_amend_all
Jamie/Victoria, clothes stolen while swimming, PG, 888 words by liadtbunny
Ainley!Master and Delgado!Master -- Sarn Invictus (PG) by icarus_chained
the Master (any version): Chess pieces by scripsi
Any Doctor vs. Any Master- PG (minor character death) by irishvampire13
Avengers/DW Mrs Peel rescues the Doctor, All ages by liadtbunny
DelgadoMaster and AinleyMaster- PG (implications of future torture) by irishvampire13
Fifth Doctor/Tegan Jovanka, just this once alternate universe by sevanatwonights
AinleyMaster- No warnings by irishvampire13
Fifth Doctor, AinleyMaster- Potentially disturbing imagery by irishvampire13

Rory Slippery, Daniel Slippery--Admirer (PG) by timelessapeel

Good Omens
Aziraphale and Crowley--Selling Books by timelessapeel

Green Knowe Series - Lucy M. Boston
Tolly and Mrs Oldknow. Geminids by [personal profile] legionseagle
Tolly and Mrs Oldknow: Constellations by hyarrowen

Hamlet - Shakespeare
The Pandemayne and Small Ale Club (G) by executrix

How Green Was My Valley
A Flock of Golden Daffodils Blake's7, How Green Was My Valley Kerr Avon (PG) by executrix

In the Flesh
Jemima Walker--Worthy (PG) by timelessapeel

The IT Crowd
Moss/Roy - General audiences, warning for zombies by oonaseckar

Jonathan Creek
Jonathan Creek & Maddy Magellan, reunion by weaselett

Miss Marple
TENTACLES Fandom: Miss Marple; Character: Jane Marple; Rating (G) WARNING: Implied character death by executrix

The Ogre Downstairs
Here Be Monsters by oonaseckar

The Quiet Gentleman - Georgette Heyer
Drusilla Morville, skeletons in the closet (bonus points if it's a literal skeleton) by ylla

Sapphire & Steel
Steel, Sapphire, Silver, Bismuth -- A Happy Irregularity (PG) by icarus_chained

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Obscure & British Commentfest 2015

Welcome to the Obscure & British comment fest III! This is a comment fest for any small(ish) British fandom and open to all fanworks.

If you've ever loved any (non-large) British fandoms, find yourself too obscure for most fests, or you're busy wondering why there's still no Emma Peel in all this Avengers stuff, you're in the right place. Come on in and help yourself to a cup of tea and a crumpet. Also you should make prompts and fill them.

Rules & Guidelines
This comment!fest works in the same way as most comment ficathons - although all kinds of fanworks are definitely welcome here. (Fanart, icons, fanmixes, vids, whatever your creative mind can come up with.)

1. Be polite - no bashing of anyone, any prompts, characters, ships or fandoms! Thank you.

2. One prompt per post, please use format: Fandom, Character/Pairing, prompt. You may repost prompts from previous years (or even from elsewhere, as long as that's okay with the other fest/comm/whatever).

3. Post fills as replies (or links) to the comment containing the prompt. Please format the subject line as follows: Fandom - Character/Pairing - Rating/Warnings (if needed). There's a fills thread at the start of the post. Please also link your fill here.

4. You may fill your own prompts if you wish. Multiple fills are more than welcome. (Please don't 'claim' prompts! Simply create your fill, and come back and post it here. In the unlikely event someone else has got in first, well, everyone profits from more fannish content in a rare/medium fandom!)

5. For crossovers any fandom is allowed as long as the first fandom qualifies. (If it's a cracky multi-fandom crossover prompt, that's fine, too, though try and make sure there are always equal or more eligible fandoms in proportion to those that are non-eligible.)

6. Any other questions - there's a questions thread at the start of the post.

7. Prompt, fill, away!

Eligible Fandoms
Basically, any non-large British fandom at all! You can prompt for anything that fits, no matter how odd, old or obscure, or shiny and new - anything that's not on the below list is great.

Non-eligible fandoms
ALL non-British fandoms are ineligible (except as crossovers) and the following fandoms are British but too large and therefore ineligible for this fest (sorry):

Chronicles of Narnia (all), Doctor Who (2005+), Downton Abbey, Harry Potter, The Hobbit (all), James Bond (Craig!Bond films only), Lord of the Rings (all), Merlin, One Direction, Primeval, Robin Hood (BBC), Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle, The Silmarillion, Skins (UK), Torchwood.

(RPF is welcome! Please just use specific categories when prompting (e.g. history by century, and all actor/bandom RPF by individual series/film/band). In the spirit of the fest, please try and avoid RPF for the non-eligible shows above, or super-popular actors like Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch.)

Anything British not listed above is more than welcome here! British TV, films, books, history, comedy, RPF, plays, songs, radio dramas, folklore, mythology, anthropomorphic - it's all good, and there's absolutely no such thing as too obscure or too odd.

There's no closing date for prompts or fills - the fest will stay open until next year's post goes up. Once you've created a fill, you're welcome to crosspost it anywhere you like. (If you're posting to AO3, there's no collection for the fest, but there is an "Obscure & British Commentfest" tag you can use if you want.)

If you want to promote the fest, then thank you! Please do. You can find a selection of banners here, or feel free to make your own.

(You can also find last year's fest here and the 2013 post here. If you want to fill a previous prompt, do feel free, although please also post to the fills thread on the current post rather than the previous editions.)

ETA: Masterlist of fills here.

Also, anon commenting is now actually on! (Sorry to anyone who tried while I only thought I had it on. It's fixed now.)

Obscure & British - Banners Post

Banners for the Obscure & British Commentfest. Copy & paste from the text box to snag a banner and link to the fest. Thank you! (If you'd like one for a different fandom, please just comment here, point me towards a snaggable image & I'll do my best.)

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When in desperate straits, meme

I think it's fair to say I'm pretty depressed right now & it is about time to cease the wallowing in despair and things, really. Shall we try a meme?

Give me a number and a pairing & I'll write a drabble or ficlet!

1. glad you came
2. team
3. don't lie
4. i'm coming home
5. story of my life
6. falling down
7. clarity
8. counting stars
9. wake me up
10. safe and sound
11. lose yourself
12. in the sun
13. the monster
14. burn
15. sweet nothing
16. i'm with you
17. we believe
18. thanks for the memories
19. anything could happen
20. little talks
21. the pretender
22. by the way
23. sanctuary
24. paradise
25. where is my mind

(Any two characters will do if you don't want a pairing, just use an '&'. Not that if you apply a '/' romance will necessarily happen, because this is me. But I do try. Any fandom you think I know is fine. I shall just say if you come up with anything I don't know or really can't do.)

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AO3 Stats Meme (2015)

Oh, look, time for the annual self-indulgent AO3 stats meme...

Last year's results

Top 10sCollapse )

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Vid: James Maxwell Tribute

I have been a bit AWOL, but for reasons and also now I have a vid! And, all right, so it is a vid of James Maxwell, BUT it is totally a vid containing cute children and animals, paper aeroplanes, stuffed toys, random barometers, wilful destruction of property, Emma Peel kicking ass, vampires, tea and coffee drinking, two Henry VIIs, rocks, Nazis, space ships, and an actual kitchen sink. Also epic hand-holding (but not anything like as much as there could have been).

Cut for EmbedCollapse )

And, at some point, I will catch up with other stuff a bit. (♥)

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Things! (Mostly Doctor Who-ish Things)

1. dw_guestfest is now over! You can find the Masterlist here. (Please do check out the fic if you haven't already - it really has been brilliant all round!)

Given that I decided to count it as a success if I had even half a dozen people sign up, with say even 3 or 4 fics, I'm thrilled that we wound up with 18 fics featuring 20 minor characters (some of whom don't seem to have ever been written for before), I really am. We only lost one or two people to rl along the way, and the comm's on amnesty now for anyone who still wants to post anything or pick up any of the other prompts.

All being well, I should run it again next year, though hopefully now it's all set up from this time, a little earlier and with slightly more lead-in time. But yay! (Sorry. I always assume things I run will be a disaster and have low expectations, which then means I get very excited if they go well.)

2. calufrax is out of reccers again! If you can come up with 4-10 favourite fics from A Teaspoon and an Open Mind that haven't been recced before, then I recommend it - it's a lot of fun to do. (I know most people round here already know and have recced recently, but still. Making the announcement anyway!)

3. I'm sure there was something else. There always is...

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Happy Birthday...

... to the very lovely dimity_blue! May you have a good day! Here's sending you all the best wishes I can! ♥


Fic: Ship of Ghosts

So, as I said, I wrote a second fic for dw_guestfest. It is Underworld fic. I'm, um, sure the world needed it! (It might just coincidentally also be James Maxwell fic, too.*) Or: Not All Guest Characters Are As Awesome as Mrs Tyler (but that's no reason not to write fic for them. I hope).

Ship of Ghosts (1312 words) by lost_spook
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (1963)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Jackson (Doctor Who), Herrick (Doctor Who), Orfe (Doctor Who), Tala (Doctor Who), Fourth Doctor
Additional Tags: Serial: s096 Underworld, Community: dw_allsorts, Community: dw_guestfest, Minor Character(s), Immortality, Regeneration
Summary: The quest is the quest. It’s all that’s left.

Also at the Teaspoon (once it's validated).

* Thus illustrating that the difference between James Maxwell and David Collings is that when they're called upon to play aliens who've been travelling in space for thousands of years by means of Time Lord technology and want nothing more than to lay down and die, David Collings is the one who gets to do it while wearing spaghetti on his head. (On the other hand, James Maxwell got the CSO Nightmare from Hell and David Collings got the Brigadier. Life is unfair, and Doctor Who is wonderfully ridiculous.)

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Vid: Have You Met Miss Jones?

So, as I said, I made an Adam Adamant Lives! vid, and I chose the most obvious song, because how could I not?

Have You Met Miss Jones?
Adam Adamant Lives! Adam & Georgie vid: "We'll keep on meeting till we die, Miss Jones and I!" (2.36 mins.) Not particularly spoilery, just for fun.

Cut for embed & LyricsCollapse )

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Fic: Salt of the Earth

I managed to get my fic done! (Just!)

*collapses in a heap and hopes it isn't too full of horrible errors*

Salt of the Earth (4143 words) by lost_spook
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (1963), Doctor Who (2005), Torchwood
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Martha Tyler, Jack Harkness, Original Characters, Twelfth Doctor
Additional Tags: Community: dw_allsorts, Community: dw_guestfest, Minor Canonical Character(s), 20th Century, Witchcraft, Serial: s094 Image of the Fendahl, Women Being Awesome, Folklore
Summary: Martha Tyler lives on a time rift, sees things no one else does, and fights evil with rock salt. It’s been that way all her life.

Also at the Teaspoon (once it's been validated).

Anyway, the fic where Mrs Tyler lives by a time rift her whole life and is much better than Torchwood now exists, except I had to write it, which is just rubbish. Why don't other people write these things for me? (I didn't get much TW in; don't be misled.)

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Found about the place:

If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks (if applicable)... what's your ideal fic from me?

(I like this one; it involves no actual work from me whatsoever! But could still be useful one day... ;-D)

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Writing meme (it looked pretty)

This probably really isn't the moment for this, but I'm kind of driving myself crazy today, so let's see... Taken from a_phoenixdragon:

Give me a pairing and pick a prompt from this list, and I'll write a drabble/ficlet based on that combination.

1. roaming the forest -
Ian/Barbara (newmoonstar)
2. pretending to be married -
Sam Briggs/Jamie McCrimmon (john_amend_all)
3. lowered lashes -
Adam Adamant/Georgina Jones (liadtbunny)
4. a lost childhood memory
5. middle of the night in a castle -
Brigadier/Liz Shaw (doreyg)
6. tell me a fable - Sapphire/Steel or Silver/Steel (spikesgirl58)
7. a drop of lilac
8. the dark things you fear -
Doctor/Master (phoenixdragon)
9. entwined at dusk -
Silver/Liz Shaw (Pers)
10. underwater
11. a long time ago -
Doctor/TARDIS (Clocket)
12. blackest night -
Avon/Cally (jaxomsride)
13. wraith
14. a cruel illusion
15. wicked truths

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And the official pimping begins...

Please feel free to go forth and pimp (the coding will give you the banner linking back to the comm), & also leave prompts. (You can sign up from tomorrow). Or, alternatively, patiently ignore me while I spam everywhere with this, of course, always an option.

Oh, and, does anyone have/know of anyone who has made icons of New Who including minor characters and wouldn't mind me using them to make another couple of banners (mixed and New Who only)? It won't really matter, but I haven't any & won't exactly manage it over the weekend. *looks hopeful* *goes away to rest*

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15 Characters Meme - the answers

The list!

1. Adam Adamant
2. Emma Peel (The Avengers)
3. Charley Pollard (DW)
4. Eighth Doctor (DW)
5. Soolin (B7)
6. Silver (S&S)
7. Harry Pearce (Spooks)
8. Cora Mills (OUaT)
9. Clara Oswald (DW)
10. Servalan (B7)
11. Vila Restal
12. Esme Weatherwax (Discworld)
13. Arnold Rimmer (Red Dwarf)
14. Jane Marple
15. Harry Sullivan (DW)

The shenanigans!Collapse )

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Because I can never not do this one...

I was trying to resist! I have other things I mean to post. But astrogirl2 did the 15 characters meme again, and I can't ever let it pass. I'm sure you all know the drill by now, don't you?

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

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A meme

Found in various places:

Ask me a question about one of my fics. It can be absolutely anything in any project and I will answer it the best I can -- even on current progress/plans.

If you'd prefer, you can also ask about my writing for a particular fandom, my writing as a whole, etc.

(I can't imagine what anybody would want to ask me, but I suppose if I post it, I might find out? Or not, understandably.)


And also, two more runaway_tales fics (which is where all my writing energies have been going lately, sorry):

Nothing Is Secret These Days (PG, 2467 words. 1959, Thomas Hallam, Edward Iveson, Amyas Harding, Julia Iveson.) “What sort of skeleton do you have in your closet, Edward, that you’d do this?”

Locked Down (PG, 1755 words. 1985, Michael Seaton, Louise Seaton.) Arran and Liesa, hiding out together.

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