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Hail, fellow travellers, and well met. My LJ is mostly for fic, recs, icons, vids and fannish nonsense - fic/vids/icons etc. remain open, but the rest has got largely flocked these days (people were scraping entries via tags, unfortunately). I'm terribly obscure and multi-fannish, but generally happy to make new friends. I crosspost from Dreamwidth, too, but tend to read my flist via LJ.

My fic:
lost_spook on AO3
vvj5 at A Teaspoon and An Open Mind (the Doctor Who archive)

My vids:
lostspook1 at YouTube

Past prompt tables etc: Fourth Doctor Era - 6 Prompts (for dw_allsorts) | Hurt/Comfort Bingo Card | Trope Bingo card | 100 Element Prompts | 50 Ficlets | Shakespeare Plays Watched.

Also the 500 Prompts Meme. runaway_tales: Masterpost here.

Dear Yuletide Letter 2015 here

Notes on permission: Any remixes etc. based on fanworks of mine are fine - go ahead, and do let me know; I'd be thrilled. And, obviously, credit is nice. No posts made here to be reproduced elsewhere, thanks. If you wish to link to any open posts, of course, please do so!

Picspam: Fleur/Jon (Forsyte Saga)

Forsyte Saga (BBC 1967) Fleur/Jon picspam (10 Tumblr graphics; 88 pics) for hc_bingo square "forbidden love". (And completing two possible bingos at once! \o/ Well, it can still only be one bingo, but I get to choose which one I claim. If I don't complete another possible bingo before I'm done. Ha.)

Notes: Fleur Forsyte/Jon Forsyte picspam (also some Fleur/Michael, Jon/Ann), plus Soames and Irene. Warnings for infidelity & spoilers for very old TV and literature. (Feat. Susan Hampshire, Martin Jarvis, Eric Porter, Nyree Dawn Porter, Nicholas Pennell, Anne Fernald.) It got a bit ridiculously epic, but I blame that on Susan Hampshire's face.

Also, sorry, being obscure again, but, look, a second 'impossible' bingo square completed! How could I not? (I'm still on Team Michael, though.)

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Fic: Waiting For the Stars to Fall

So, I finished The Forsyte Saga and, yes, it was great. More anon, I should think, if I ever have brain. In the meantime, it struck me that if I wrote Fleur/Michael fic, it would hit one of my 'impossible' bingo squares (unrequited pining). (I had completely forgotten Michael somehow, even though now I've remembered, I know that was what kept me reading all the later books - teeanged me got reluctantly hooked on Fleur/Michael & it's been an influence ever since. I just forget everything, apparently.) So, here's a ficlet, ducky. ;-D

None of this is getting my Yule-fic written, of course, but slight character vignettes don't require more of me than I've got right now & my Yule-fic would. (If I default, that'll still be my story.) /o\


Title: Waiting For the Stars To Fall
Author: lost_spook
Rating: PG
Word Count: 856
Characters/Pairings: Michael Mont/Fleur Forsyte
Notes/Warnings: None. Post (1967)-series – some spoilers in passing. (I have read the books, but too long ago to have a clue what’s canon-compliant or not.) For hc_bingo square “unrequited pining”.
Summary: Michael reflects on what he wants from Fleur. It’s a dangerous question.

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Drabble: Friendly Warning

Last night's DW made me write a drabble. Amazing! (It was v good. I loved it. And, oh, I love Clara. ♥ If you don't, I don't need to know about it here. Thank you.)

Friendly Warning
Drabble. Ian Chesterton, Twelfth Doctor. Spoilers for Face the Raven. It is possibly a mean drabble, but it was a thing I thought of this morning.

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Summer Talking Meme #7

liadtbunny asked: What would you recommend as a good, amiable fantasy or not very sci-fi sci-fi novel?

Now, I am so out of date on reading generally, let alone SF and Fantasy, that it would be laughable if I even tried to answer this question. However, I am pretty sure that you, my marvellous, book-loving flist will be able to, and with ease!

So, people... what do you reckon would be good? Prove to me that my confidence in you all is not mistaken and find Liadt some splendidly amiable genre reading matter!

Thank you! ♥

(And, Liadt, I know you said you'd heard of Terry Pratchett and that sounded as if you didn't want him recced, but seriously: Guards! Guards! - no silly fantasy names, a parody of all the detective/noir stories and with bonus dragons. I mean, it might as well have your name on it. Beyond that, I'm mostly highly out of date or stuck in the YA section as of five years ago.)

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Fic: Quest Object

My entry for who_at_50's 52nd anniversary fanworkathon!

Title: Quest Object
Author: lost_spook
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3859
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Fourth Doctor
Notes/Warnings: Written for hc_bingo square “attacked by a creature”, dw_allsorts prompt “most precious prize” and the who_at_50 fanworkathon, for the Fourth Doctor era.
Summary: Harry and Sarah are down in some caves, trying to retrieve an important artefact, but the trouble with lost artefacts is that they tend to be well-guarded…


Story here at AO3 | Teaspoon (pending mod approval).

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Title: All the Hounds of Hell
Author: lost_spook
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2736
Characters/Pairings: Henry VII, Ace McShane, Seventh Doctor, Jasper Tudor
Notes/Warnings: Written for hc_bingo square “culture shock” and from a random characters meme that suggested Henry VII and Ace on a date - not that this could count as a date, except possibly by certain Ace-specific definitions. (I default to The Shadow of the Tower versions, because I do, but that’s otherwise irrelevant, really.) Set sometime in Brittany in the early 1470s.
Summary: Henry Tudor is used to people wanting him dead, but they don’t usually send the hounds of hell after him to accomplish it. Luckily, there’s a very odd girl looking out for him…

Also at AO3 and the Teaspoon (when it's verified).

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Yet more random

1. I have been watching all the usual challenges go up over at yuletide, waiting for Some Day My Fic Will Come, because this year my Enemy at the Door request would qualify, but alas, Some Day My Fic Will Come has not come and my faithfulness will only be rewarded if some day my fic does come without the help of Some Day My Fic Will Come.

2. In other Yuletide-related silliness, last time I made my Shadow of the Tower request, I went on about the DIY map-making in the show, but I decided to be sensible and leave it at pantomime lions and cardboard spaceships this year. However, I did make a small gif-set on Tumblr and I'm not the only one who was amused by it, most especially Henry's epic food battle map in ep9. (I think there's another instance, but I can't remember.) I don't know why it happens; probably just because the director is Prudence Fitzgerald aka the director who is fine with showing the studio floor, the studio backdrop, having random CSO, super-close-close-ups of James Maxwell and David Collings and probably other people, vaseline on the lens, people talking to camera and whatever else she feels like. (Also, btw, SotT is remarkable because for some reason in 1972 at the BBC, 10 out of the 13 eps were directed by women. It also had a female script editor, a female historical researcher and 1 female writer (2 eps). I don't know why or how, but it's a thing. As is Tudor DIY-map-making.

3. In not entirely unrelated news, I am actually writing up the story where Ace goes on a 'date' with Henry VII that came from this meme. Sadly, though, I am not yet writing the one where Twelve and Cora Mills are buddy cops, nor am I writing the one where Twelve and Henry VII have to run a coffee shop together. Those are still free to a good home if anyone wants to win the internet.

4. And now I had better go, or my mushroom soup I'm making will pay the price for me talking about 1970s telly (again).

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Ficlet: Rescuer in Red

Title: Rescuer in Red
Author: lost_spook
Rating: PG
Word Count: 842
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones/Clara Oswald
Notes/Warnings: None, except for being slight & fluffy. Refs to Name of the Doctor and Blink.
Summary: 1969 isn’t the best of years, but it’s not without some attractions, Martha finds.

For persiflage_1 in the 500 Prompts Meme: #114 – Written all over his/her/my face – Clara Oswald. (I may have kind of leapt sideways from the prompt, but not in a way I think you’ll mind – or at least, I hope not!)

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Ficlet: The Moment After (S&S/DW)

Title: After the Moment
Author: lost_spook
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 347
Characters/Pairings: Silver/The Moment
Notes/Warnings: None. (Possible spoilers for The Day of the Doctor?)
Summary: Someone always has to clear up after the grand gestures – and that someone is rarely the Doctor.

For [personal profile] john_amend_all in the 500 Prompts Meme #197: the moment – Silver/The Moment (S&S/DW). (Because apparently one Silver fic inevitably leads to another.)

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Okay, so Tumblr has its uses...

I will explain later (with much waffling no doubt) but an anon on Tumblr directed me to a bunch of James Maxwell stuff from his college days - including his yearbook entry from 1949. Do you want to see a very young James Maxwell? Because you're going to if you look under the cut...

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1. In Yuletide, I see that TWO people have offered the 1968 Dracula. I am all faint with the shock. I would have been matchable with just my three nominated super-obscure fandoms! (But possibly difficult.) In celebration, I removed one of my other requests. I was worrying about maybe not wanting it quite as much as the others - and two other people have similar requests so there's a chance of fic I will enjoy anyhow. (I don't think I've ever done that before.)

2. Over on AO3, someone has translated a previous Yuletide fic of mine (Of Elements and Existence) into Russian. I can't read Russian, but putting it in Google Translate suggests (despite its usual incoherency) that they did a good job, as I can certainly recognise my fic coming back at me.

3. I am continuing my voyage into old film! Well, old film containing Margaret Lockwood, anyway. I have now watched her first leading role in the 1938 Carol Reed film Bank Holiday. Not very spoilery review plus gifsCollapse )

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Fic: April Shower (S&S)

Title: April Shower
Author: lost_spook
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1025
Characters/Pairings: Silver, Sapphire, Steel
Notes/Warnings: None.
Summary: Silver’s having trouble with a telegraph pole and a dead human – he’s not sure which is the most stubborn.

For justice_turtle in the 500 Prompts Meme: 365 – I walk out in stormy weather (Sapphire/Silver/Steel). Another fic fished out of an old notebook - my notes from the time suggest that I originally also meant this to be for an element_flash prompt “April showers”. (I’m, er, not sure which April… Probably 2014!)

(JT, don't worry if you can't read it for any reason - I took at least 18 months just to type it up; you can take as long as you need before you read it, or just not. ♥)

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Yet more unconventionality

I (for reasons*) made a B7 minor characters version of the Unconventional Courtship generator.

I think the results came out as a special brand of crack (and I didn't even have to put Bayban in it). Usually, I click through a bunch of suggestions and pick out the best, but these were all priceless. Worst of all, why are half of them so scarily plausible?

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* boredom.

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The Lady Vanishes to spare

My Margaret Lockwood boxset arrived the other day, so now I have two copies of The Lady Vanishes! And while I may be the hoarding type, I definitely don't need two DVDs of the same thing, so I'm offering to pass it on to someone who may want it.

One note is that it was evidently an early and basic DVD release and the film print was pretty much unrestored. It's watchable - I watched it and enjoyed it - but it's flickery and not cleaned up and the boxset version is just so much better (but you can't have that one, it's mine, sorry).

That said, if you're in the UK and would like it, it's an excellent and enjoyable old film directed by Alfred Hitchcock that is basically 1930s screwball comedy meets pre-WWII international spy thriller on a train. What's not to like?

So, if you'd like it, raise your hand in the comments. :-)

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Various Things

1. One of the joys of Yuletide is stumbling over things you never knew about before. One this year that amused me muchly was the music video of Shakespeare's Sister's Stay. Now, this is a song that I recorded off the radio when I was a teenager (onto a tape, I'm a historical thingumy) and I was always fascinated by it - I reasoned that it was all one voice and maybe some fairy queen who seemed nice but wasn't (a la some Tam Lin/Thomas the Rhymer thing, because I had been reading Fire and Hemlock by that point), but NO. That is not what it is about!

As it turns out, voice one is a woman trying to get her dying boyfriend to stay with her and voice 2 is Death. Who in this wears a sparkly catsuit and does an outrageous dance because... er... um... it's an 80s music video? My favourite bit is Death's eye-roll at the end because, frankly someone's who's been doing a sparkly OTT catsuit dance like that has no grounds on which to eye-roll at people. Oh, and for some reason, it all seems to be happening in space because why not?

Cut for embedCollapse )

Anyway, I'm grateful to the requester because otherwise I would never have watched that and my life would have been the poorer for it.

2. Talking of amusing vids, it's been at least a year or two since I mentioned that Julius Caesar Poker Face vid, and every so often a person just needs to remind themselves that it exists and laugh themselves silly at the combination of Richard Pasco and David Collings and their ridiculously opposite faces set to appropriate-inappropriate pop music. Do not worry if you do not like Julius Caesar, 1970s BBC theatricality, Lady Gaga, or Brutus/Cassius. None of those things should come between you and it:

Cut for embed and Richard PascoCollapse )

3. And now for something completely different, because otherwise I'll forget again, I wrote some more runaway_tales:

Two in the same AU timeline:
Double Cross (PG, 4367 words. Edward Iveson, Julia Graves, Rudy Graves.) Julia’s having nothing but trouble with men – her brother seems to be in danger and Mr Iveson’s trying to buy her off with sandwiches…

Not Just a Passing Phase (PG, 5262 words. Edward Iveson, Julia Graves, Rudy Graves, Elizabeth Long.) The last thing Julia wants is for Mr Iveson to be lying dead in her kitchen with her brother to blame for it…

Faulty Connections (All ages, 1176 words. Anna, Liesa.) Liesa and Anna have the opposite problem when it comes to family.

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Happy Birthday...

... to elisi! I hope you have a lovely day! ♥


Happy Birthday...

... to the lovely a_phoenixdragon! I do hope you manage to have a wonderful day, whatever else may be going on! ♥


Dear Yuletide Letter 2015

[Regular flisters, this is just my annual far too long and incoherent Yuletide letter; feel free to wisely pass on by!]

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Firstly, you share a tiny fandom with me, so that makes you a person of taste and awesomeness as far as I'm concerned and I hope that you have fun writing for me.

I am a great believer in the story that you want to tell being the one that's going to be the most compelling to read, so please, write that story. If you are the sort of person who likes a concise letter and a free hand, just go for what you have in mind. All the extra details are for souls like me who want them. Do not attempt to give me everything below in one fic; you'd do yourself an injury. If anything seems contradictory, it's mostly because I like all sorts of different things at different times in different fandoms.

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Do you know what The Lady Vanishes is? Apart from a film I should have seen years ago; I feel deprived on behalf of a teenaged me who would have loved it to death. And apart from the oldest thing I have ever watched in my life (as far as I can think); the flickering was a culture shock to start with. Anyway, it's a perfect Yule-fandom discovered just too late and way too early, that's what it is.

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