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Doctor Who
bigfinishlove: All things Big Finish-related (inc. non-DW.)
classicwho: Classic Who discussion comm. (No fic.)
cot_reviews: Children of Time nominees reviews
doctorwho: Main general comm.
dw_britglish: Doctor Who Britpicking.
dw_femslash: Ficathon (last run 2011) + any DW femslash content.
dw_scans: Collection of scanned in DW images.
dwcanon_fodder: For posting questions about canon.
loves_them_all: Companion-centric.
multi_who: For fans of both eras
who_at_50: Anniversary news, fanworkathon, fifty years and beyond...
who_daily: Daily news
who_otp: Rare ships
whofic: Teaspoon support

500year_diary: fan art
calufrax: The Doctor Who recs community (recs all from A Teaspoon & An Open Mind & reccers sign up for two week stints). Includes comprehensive tags for finding fic.
classicdw_fic: Classic Doctor Who ficathon (last run 2009) See dwclassicfic below for general fic-posting.
doctorwho_100: 100 prompt sets. (Inactive?)
dw100: Weekly drabble prompt
dw_50ficathon: Anniversary ficathon.
dw_allsorts: Mini-prompt sets (3-20 prompts).
dw_cross: Crossover ficathon (last run 2009).
dw_crossovers: General fic posting for crossovers (with non-Whoniverse fandoms, not within).
dw_ficsearch: Fic finding requests.
dw_historical: Historical ficathon.
dw_recs: Open reccing.
dw_remix: Ficathon home. (Fic on AO3).
dw_straybunnies: Home for unwanted fic ideas.
dwclassicfic: General fic posting for Classic Who.
dwfanvids: Fanvids.
dwfiction: Main general fic posting comm.
podtor_who: Podfic-athon.
public_call: Secret santa exchange
toobroadtoodeep: Extended Universe ficathon.
who_contest: Writing challenges
who_like_giants: Minor characters (inc. ficathon)
whoniverse1000: 1000 ships challenge

classicwho20n20: short-lived icontest comm, but includes a few icon sets.
dwicons: Main icons comm.

First Doctor Era
accidentalcocoa: First Doctor/Cameca
dw_hartnell: First Doctor Era
the_chestertons: Ian Chesterton/Barbara Wright

Second Doctor Era
futuregenius: Zoe Heriot.
heydollyrocker: Ben Jackson/Polly Wright
two_love: Second Doctor

Third Doctor Era
legsofscience: Liz Shaw
unit_family: UNIT
venusianaikido: Third Doctor

Fourth Doctor Era
doctor_four: general
harry_sarah: Harry Sullivan/Sarah Jane Smith
worksonsailors: Harry Sullivan

Fifth Doctor Era
davison_era: general
empireoftraken: Nyssa
xmouth_on_legsx: Tegan Jovanka

Sixth Doctor Era
evelyn_fans: Evelyn Smythe
sixathon: Sixth Doctor Ficathon
thesixthdoctor: Sixth Doctor
couldbeplatinum: Peri Brown

Seventh Doctor Era
blows_things_up: Ace
seventh_doctor: Seventh Doctor

Eighth Doctor Era
charleysangels: Charlotte Pollard
doctor_charley: Eighth Doctor/Charlotte Pollard
eight_love: Paul McGann
halfhumandoctor: Eighth Doctor
luciemillertime: Lucie Miller
zagreuswaits: Eighth Doctor audios

Eleventh Doctor Era
clara_who: Clara Oswin Oswald
doctoreleven: General
elevenicons: Icons
lizardladylove: Vastra & Jenny

5roundsrapid: Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
amongthedeadmen: Bernice Summerfield
blue_box_love: TARDIS
eleven_romana: Eleven/Romana (inc. ficathon).
kaldor_city: Kaldor City spin-off.
sarahjane_fic: Sarah Jane Smith & all her many adventures. (All fanworks + discussion welcome.)

Other Fannish Comms
5minutefandoms: For poems/songs/adverts etc.
80s_cartoons: 1980s cartoons
bbccostumedrama: British period drama (not just BBC/TV)
britishcomedy: British Comedy
britishdrama: British TV drama
cakefic: Cake fic meme
commentficathon: General site to promote comment ficathons
crack_van: Fanfic reccing
fandom_memes: archive/promotion of memes
fanmix: For fanmixes
fannish5: Fannish Friday 5 (questions). Last set 2013.

Rare Fandoms
beforeyouwrite: Rare fandoms/pairings fic posting
dead_fandoms: Fanfic for obscure fandoms
fandom_of_one: For pimping small fandoms (newsletter discontinued 2014)

austen_icons: Jane Austen-related icons
book_icons: Icons
bookfanfiction: General fic posting/archive
cslewis: CS Lewis general
dianawynnejones: Diana Wynne Jones general

Chalet School
csbigbang: Chalet School big bang (run 2010; fic not elsewhere).

disc_fest: Discworld fic fest. (Last run 2012)
discworld: General

165_eaton_place: Upstairs Downstairs (Old & new)
_the_avengers: Avengers TV show
cafe_rene: Allo Allo
daisy_pushers: Pushing Daisies
danddtoon: Dungeons & Dragons cartoon

babylon5: General
babylon5icons: Icons

Blake's 7
b7_kinkmeme: Kink meme
b7fanart: Fanart
b7fic: General fic posting
b7friday: weekly flashfic/fanworks challenge
b7icons: Icons
b7love_250: Writing pairing challenge (modelled on whoniverse1000)
b7recs: Reccing
blakes7: General

Agatha Christie
agathachristie: Agatha Christie

Downton Abbey
dakinkmeme: Downton kinkmeme
downton_abbey: General

Sapphire & Steel
element_flash: Monthly writing challenge

1shakespeare: General
bard_icons: Icons

Writing Prompts
100_women: 100 prompt set for fic focused on female characters.
10_inspirations: Choose 10 prompts from 100
10_quotes: 10 movie quotes prompts (choose from 100)
10_shakespeare: 10 Shakespeare quotes from one play (choose play & quotes)
150_comms: For promoting themed challenge comms
36_plots: Prompts based on the 36 Basic Plots
5_prompts: 5 prompt sets
500themes: 500 prompts
50ficlets: 50 prompt sets. (Closed).
7_crossovers: 7 prompt sets for crossovers - claim character/pairing/fandom
crossovers100: 100 prompt set for crossovers
fc_smorgasbord: mix-n-match multi-fandom prompt tables

Big Bangs
dystopiabigbang: Dystopia big bangs (last run 2012)

au_bingo: Alternate Universe bingo (last run 2012)

comment_fic: Daily themed posts for prompts/fills
consci_fan_mo: Concise Science Fiction & Fantasy Month (run every Dec.)
dark_fest: Multifandom fest for fic with dark themes. (last run 2012)
fan_flashworks: New prompts every 10 days, plus regular amnesties (all fanworks welcome)
femgenficathon: Gen ficathon for female characters (last run 2011).

apocalyptothon: Apocalypse-themed multi-fandom fic exchange
blasters_wands: SF/Fantasy/Horror multi-fandom fic exchange (last run 2012)
remixers_lounge: Remix Redux

Icons & Resources
100x100textures: Icon-sized texture bases
_fandom_icons_: General fannish icons
buffy_icons: Buffy icons


100things_index: Index of people's topics for 100 Things challenge
1066andallthat: Daily historical link/item
1word1day: Word per day
britpickery: Britpicking
david_collings: David Collings


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