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Beyond the Roundels

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14 May
Long time Doctor Who fan (classic, new, whatever) and writer of fanfic. Real-life librarian librarian at heart. Also somewhat surprised creator of random icons and fanvids.

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Individual credits given on icon posts, but some frequently used textures etc. are: tiger_tyger @ tiger_tutorials, how_we_fade @ fade_art, adrastea @ twinstrikeish.

I also discovered how easy it is to create comms and therefore now run: dw_straybunnies (for exchange of Doctor Who-related fic ideas), b7love_250 a fic challenge community for Blake's 7, midnight_place (a Joan Aiken fan community) and house_of_eliott (House of Eliott fan community). Also: poldarks (for fans of any of the Poldark series(es)), cakefic (for the cake fic meme, multifandom) and dw_allsorts, a Doctor Who mini prompt table challenge comm. I also run the Doctor Who Minor Characters Ficathon at dw_guestfest.

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